Localixo is your smart travel assistant

So you can waste less time searching for things to do and spend more time enjoying your trip!

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How does it work?

Localixo recommends custom plans. No traveler is the same, no answer is the same

Intuitive UI

Chat with Localixo like you would with a friend. No filters, polls, just ask anything

AI made for tourism

Localixo continuously learns about what you like to give you better recommendations and plans

Faster than searching

The virtual assistant saves travelers like you more than 8 hours of research per trip!

Now available in Lanzarote

Check out the virtual assistant right in your browser!

In the press

Conde Nast Traveler

"Talking to the virtual assistant is like talking to a friend who lives there and gives you the best advice on what to do during your trip.


"The assistant lives in the cloud and aims to become the main interaction medium between destinations and tourists"


"Artificial intelligence allows to talk with the traveler and offer answers in several languages according to their preferences and needs."


Localixo won second prize at the IV Digital Tourism Congress sponsored by SPEGC, Promotur, SEGITTUR and ACITICS.

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Localixo works together with the biggest tourism and technology companies

IBM Watson
Google cloud

Watch what Localixo can do

See the conversation between the virtual assistant and a traveler visiting the island of Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands ☀

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