Solutions for post-COVID19 tourism

We help destinations recover travelers' confidence and improve their investment in marketing

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Recover the confidence of travelers after COVID-19

We offer several solutions for tourism that allows institutions and companies in the sector to increase confidence during the recovery phases.
Increase conversions by giving users custom recommendations and itineraries created with artificial intelligence.

Keys to recovery

Build trust and security

Incrase ease of access to reliable destination information.

Increase qualified leads

In order to boost marketing and promotion actions.

Generate an interest database

Get to know your customers better and adapt your offer.

One technology, 2 solutions

Trip Designer

Destination Finder

Product tour

Friendly communication

The conversational interface of Localixo allows to communicate humanity and kindness.
Conversations generates confidence and conveys to the tourist a sense of calm that invites to use the product.
During the conversation, destinations can capture important data about their users.

Wide range of POIs & Tours

We offer our customers more than 1 million POIs (points of interest) and Tours (activities and tickets).
This way, we accelerate the implementation process. In addition, we offer the tools for destinations to update information with new and up-to-date information on the COVID-19 crisis.

Measures to communicate security

Localixo allows institutions and companies to communicate to the tourist the security measures in each venue or activity.
In this way, the tourist will be able to organize their trip better and also increase the perception of confidence in the destination.
We work with customers and authorities to deliver the tools in record time.

Smart and instant itinerary

Trip Designer generates a custom itinerary based on user-provided information. For this, take into account distance, schedules, recommended visit time, security limitations and other parameters.
We use algorithms developed especially for tourism in order to generate an itinerary that adapts to the expectations of the current tourist.

Capture qualified leads

In addition to transmitting security and increasing satisfaction when visiting the website. Localixo allows tourist destinations to generate a highly qualified and segmented customer database.
Because during the conversation we inform the user that they will get an itinerary according to their preferences, the user is inclined to leave their real data.
Customization is the key to getting to know our post COVID-19 user.

Interest database

The Localixo dashboard lets you get metrics about your customers.

  • Type of traveler (families, solitaire, couples...).
  • User interests (culture, nature...).
  • Types of tours and top places (museums, trails, beaches...).
  • Areas with the greatest interest (city, region...).
  • and much more.

How is it deployed?

Website widget

It is a small window that appears over the website. It does not slow down the load and allows for an uninterrupted experience.

Landing page white label

Both Trip Designer and Destination Finder are uploaded to full screen within the website. An experience without distractions.

Implementation in less than 2 weeks.

  • +1000 cities.
  • +10 languages.

Plans & Pricing

Rates to deploy Localixo in your destination

The time is now

Contact our team to find out how your destination or tourist institution can enhance its impact in the post-COVID19 stage

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