Localixo for Business

The smart technology behind Localixo is now available to companies in the tourism industry.

Localixo in action

Watch this conversation between Localixo and a tourist visiting Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands

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How does Localixo works for a tourist destination?

The virtual assistant can be deployed anywhere in the world, this can make a huge difference for people visiting your destination


The assistant can make recommendations based both on official content from each destination (such as your tourism web portal) or use content from our suppliers to enhance the visitors' experience.

Interaction channels

Tourists can interact with the virtual assistant through the following channels:
• A web assistant for the destination's website
• Information kiosks and touch screens (Text/Voice)

Smart data & Insights

Localixo allows tourist destinations to easily access metrics and insights in order to improve decision-making based based on data.


Localixo for Business is a service created for companies in the tourism industry, institutions, town halls and brands that can benefit from offering added value to travelers.

Tour Operators

For tour operators and travel agencies looking to increase their loyalty rate through conversational sales channels.


For major brands with existing touch-points in popular tourist destinations, or for those that wish to position themselves in the market using AI tourism technology.


For city councils seeking to enhance their public perception as a tourist destination for experiential tourism and increase visitor satisfaction.

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