General questions

Localixo allows any company to offer a smart virtual assistant to its users, whether tourists or residents.

Localixo’s tools allow the user to save more than 8 hours of searching during their vacation by creating smart plans and recommendations based on their tastes.

Localixo uses artificial intelligence to generate custom recommendations, in a second. The traveler talks to Localixo using a chat interface and the assistant recommends places, activities and things to do.

Localixo can process the following data in 1 second:

  • Places of interest
  • Ticket prices
  • Opening Hours
  • POIs and restaurants reviews
  • Weather forecast
  • Real-time location
  • User likes and preferences
  • Place type and already visited places

Google shows all the information that exists, then the user must then spend hours searching among all the results for what they are looking for. Localixo helps you save all that time as it is trained to help travelers during their vacation.

In addition, Localixo allows you to customize the tool under your company’s brand and in order to offer a more premium experience.

Localixo is pre-trained specifically for the tourism industry. The contracting company or entity does not have to waste any time setting up or managing the assistant.

Starting with Localixo instead of a generic chatbot creator allows companies to save between 4 and 12 months of development.

We place a high priority on security and privacy. That’s why we only use information that the user wants to provide personalized recommendations and plans.

All information is stored and encrypted on secure servers, using an SSL connection. This means that all the conversations with Localixo are safe 🙂

Localixo adapts to the needs of each company, that is why we offer several plan options. You can see more information on the solutions page or contact our team.

Localixo uses artificial intelligence for several things:

  • We use several clustering methods to organize and collect information about all the places and activities the assistant recommends.
  • In order for the user to speak to Localixo naturally, we use the latest natural language processing (NLP) technologies based on deep learning.
  • We use unsupervised learning technologies to give you personalized recommendations and plans tailored to your tastes.

Localixo’s recommendations are real and fully customized for each user. Locaixo generates recommendations instantly based on tourist tastes and destination information.

Localixo works in any destination. We work hand in hand with our customers to produce and gather information about the most important aspects of the destination.